Top 5 SEO Resources For Beginners

If you are starting out online either as a blogger or setting up a new website then you will want to learn SEO or search engine optimisation.

Below I have put together the 5 most useful and trusted resources  that I used to learn SEO.

1. SEOMoz The Beginners Guide to SEO - The guide has been updated for 2012 and covers of a whole range of topics including, content, linkbuilding and keyword research.

2. Search Engine Land The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors - Covers all of the factors that can help a site rank on search engines.

3. Aaron Wall SEO Book - Originally published as an Ebook, Aaron has transformed the site into a blog a resources centre. If you want to learn SEO, his blog is a must read.

4.  Google SEO Starter Guide - If you want to learn SEO, chances are you want your site to rank well on Google. This guide explains how Google sees SEO and what’s important when it ranks a site.

5. Search Engine Journal - A blog that has all the latest news on SEO and covers linkbuilding and social media.

Each of these sites have blogs, tools and resources that can help you has you learn more about SEO. I recommend that you check them out.

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Apprentice Business Programme

If you’re ambitious, and you would like to consider making a living via the internet with your own online service provider company, there’s no better way to get started and fast-track your success than with “The Virtually Anywhere Apprentice.”

The VA apprentice is a cutting-edge “Learning, Implementation and Coaching programme,” designed specifically for anyone with either virtual assistant/service provider skills, and/or management and leadership skills. The programme will guide you through a complete 6-figure business model, including the processes, techniques and systems you will need, and how to use them plus much, much more…

If you’re looking for a realistic way to become an independent online entrepreneur, and you would like “5 Star” creative and technical support from a highly skilled team of virtual professionals to get you there – fast, “The VA Apprentice” is a complete solution. At the end of the programme you will have everything you need to start doing business immediately, and ongoing access to the secure member’s area for continuous support and guidance throughout the development of your business.

No other course or programme online is as content rich, and committed to your success.

To find out more, please visit The VA Apprentice Programme

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Backlinks Are vital to get your Blog or Website Ranking on the First Page of Google


Exact Anchor Links  (Keyword Relevant In-Content Links) Are Very Important for Top Rankings!

Do you have a web site or blog?

If you do chances are you are already aware that links pointing at your site are very important and can bring traffic from people seeing your link on a web page and clicking it.

Links aka backlinks aka hyperlinks are the backbone of the internet and keep people in touch with content that may be of interest to them. The fewer links your site has pointing at it, the less likely people will find your web pages.

While almost all links are good for getting traffic from other web sites, there are special kinds of links that are especially important, because search engines like Google view them as superior links.

The links I am talking about are exact keyword relevant in-content links and they have super powers when done correctly.

So what exactly are these super powers?

Well, in order to understand that you first must realize that search engines like Google actually count the number of links pointing at your web pages and score the quality of these links and use that score as part of their ranking algo. Each page is scored individually.

Each time they see a link pointing at your web page they score it based on a number of factors, one of which is keyword relevance. If they see the right amount of relevant links with exact match keywords pointing at your page they will start to move your site up the rankings when people are searching for that “exact keyword phrase”.

You see – Google knows that web pages having the right kind of exact keyword specific text links pointing at them is a good indication that the web page would be of interest to searchers querying for that phrase. When they start to see more links with the same exact keyword phrase or even related keywords in the link text, they start to credit the page with being relevant to those keywords. The more relevant links they see, the better the ranking they will give the page.

That is why some pages rank above others when you search on Google for a keyword. The pages at the top are doing the right kinds of things that makes them relevant for the exact keywords being searched for.

While we don’t know all the particulars they use, or their exact scoring methods, we do know that Google favors backlinks that have the keyword in the anchor text (aka link text) and are on a page that has related relevant content. This is considered a relevant “in content” link.

These kinds of links are much harder for webmasters to get, because the web sites and web pages the links need to be on are very difficult to create in large quantities. Therefore web pages that have these high quality relevant in-content links pointing at them are much more likely to be ranked on top of Google.

The bottom line is it is very easy to get a top ranking when you have the right kind of links pointing at your web pages.

So how does a webmaster go about getting these high quality exact keyword relevant in content links pointing at their pages?

Well, one way is for the webmaster to build their own “feeder networks” of web sites doing all the right things. This is not easy and can take some time, though it will have a big payoff down the road. It requires buying lots of domain names, hosting them on many different web servers, building sites and growing them the right way doing all the right things. Most people get this wrong, so unless you are very advanced in building web sites and have time to wait this is not an ideal option.

The best way to get the best relevant in content text links is to join the membership site called Blogging Underground as they offer members access to post in an aged network of over 350 high quality blogs that Google loves and respects. These are aged sites that have many pages indexed. As a member Blogging Underground allows you to post in the blogs and backlink your pages exactly the way that gets top rankings fast and easy. The blogs are on aged domains and are spread out on servers all over the world.

When you join Blogging Underground you can start posting and getting links in the blogs immediately. Some members report getting pages indexed within hours and report top rankings in just days after posting their links in the blogs!

If you want to save time and get the inside edge on top rankings on Google you should consider a membership at Blogging Underground. It’s very affordable and will save you time and money getting the right kind of links so that you get lots of top rankings!

P.S. There is a big bonus with Blogging Underground Top Rankings Traffic System 1 Year Annual Membership at this URL:

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Google Sniper 2.0 – Review

Discover how to Make Money Online easily with this proven work from home system

What is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is a product created by George Brown. Google Sniper teaches you how to automate the process of making money online through marketing affiliate products from Clickbank.

The system teaches you how to put together small websites in WordPress. A free platform that ranks very well in Google.

George shows you a very simple process on how he finds keywords that are easy to rank for using the Google Sniper system. He then goes on to show you how to choose affiliate products and create the right “Sniper” sites that will get you to the first page of Google. Which is vital if you are start making real money online.

In the updated Google Sniper 2.0, you will get Brand New Training Videos, Workbook and more access to George Brown himself.

Get it here now

Google Sniper 2.0

How does Google Sniper Work?

The system is a very simple one. It involves finding profitable keywords that have low levels of competition on Google, with enough searches to get reasonable levels of traffic.

George shows you in the training videos how to “optimise” your site, so that Google will love it and it will rank on the first page.

Google Sniper is by far the easiest system that I have come across that teaches you simple SEO techniques that you would normally spend $1000′s on just to learn!

Get it here now

What Google sniper does for you?

If you are a compete beginner, this is a great system. George gives you Training Videos, a Training manual and a Worksheet to make system really easy to follow. In these he teaches you:

  • The basics of SEO
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • How to build websites that will rank on the 1st page of Google!
  • How to build a Google Sniper Site
  • How to convert visitors into customers

I’l admit that this all sounds to good to be true, which is what I though at first, but in all honesty George has created a system that just works and get you ranked on the first page of Google and making money in the first week or two.

Once you learn the technique you can carry on building Google Sniper sites until reach your desired level of income.

The Bad Stuff

  • You need to spend time creating the websites. If you are doing it for the first time, it can be a little time consuming, but once you get the hang of it. You can build websites really fast.
  • You will need to register a domain name and setup a WordPress blog.

The Good Stuff

  • Really easy to follow. George has written the system from the viewpoint of an absolute beginner.
  • You can have websites set up within a day and ranking within 2-3 days.
  • George even shows you some real life examples of how he writes to sell and teaches you some simple techniques you can you use on your Google Sniper sites.
  • Unlike many other systems out there it teaches you how to make money!

All I can say is check out Google Sniper for yourself and discover how easy it is to start making money online.

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Have You Heard about Blogging Underground

Blogging Underground is a membership web site that will give you access to over 350 blogs (and growing) so you can get backlinks and nail number one top rankings any time you want!

This is the real deal and will help you get more traffic than you have ever had! It’s easy for all skill levels and even comes with great training to help you pick keywords and build blogs the right way!

I highly suggest you stop by and look at all the great features of a Blogging Underground membership!

P.S. Grab a membership at Blogging Underground Top Rankings Traffic System 1 Year Annual Membership!

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Get Paid For Your Opinions!

I tried one of those paid survey sites about 4 months ago. They all say the only thing you have to do is take some time out of your day to fill out a few surveys and you can make hundreds each day….. I didn’t make anything.

I must have joined like 6 of those websites and actually tried filling out a couple of surveys on each site. They took forever! And to top it off, at the end they wanted me to buy something to complete the survey.

Those are complete scams so beware! I was shocked that they were even allowed to sell such products on the internet.

Check it out here

But about 1 week ago, while watching the new, I noticed they had some vice presidents and marketing managers of some large multi million dollar companies talking about a site that they personally work with to pay consumers for their opinion — a site that actually just wants the honest opinions of the “average Joe” about their products and services and is willing to pay big money to get them.

Check it out here

I decided to give this site a try. It is the only one I have ever seen that actually leads you to real paid survey sites. I made
almost $100 in my first day just filling out 3 simple surveys.

This is the only legitimate survey site aggregator online, so if you’re interested in making good decent money every day day just by giving your opinions then make sure you check this out.

Check it out here

If you don’t make any money in your first week, they have a 3 month refund policy so just get your money back! It’s definitely worth a try!

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Repair Laptops For Cash

Do you want to expand your PC skill set so you can make big money fixing laptops instead of sending the business away?

Check it out here

Steve Cherubino, had the idea to create these videos for a few years now, and it has finally come to fruition. The main holdup was that he wanted the videos to be really special and didn’t have enough footage until now to give you over 10 hours of video. I don’t know of any product on the market giving you that much training for the price.

Steve has been the owner and operator of his own computer repair business for about 4 years, in the suburbs of Phialdelphia PA. They’ve come to be known as the laptop authority in the area. He’s personally taken apart and repaired hundreds of laptops. He says “I love to do it, and that love translates into a passion that empowers me to impart some pretty extensive knowledge to you in these videos. I’ve learned quite a few useful tricks and techniques, all of which I’ve included in this package”.
What do you get in this package?

Check it out here

You’ll see in full 960×540 HD video:

  • How to replace a motherboard
  • How to replace an LCD Screen
  • What to do when the laptop keeps shutting down
  • How to fix DC power jacks
  • The crucial difference between a bad screen and a bad inverter board
  • How to replace hinges
  • Where I buy all my parts
  • The best way to go about taking a laptop apart
  • How to solder
  • The art of fixing AC adapters
  • How to handle a laptop that has had liquid spilled in it
  • what to do when a laptop overheats
  • how to replace CD/DVD drives, RAM, processors, hard Drives and wireless cards
  • and much, much more.

Check it out here

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Earn Cleaning Offices or Homes

According to Sam Rodman – who’e been helping people set up pleasning businesses since 1992, you can earn $40,000 a year cleaning homes and £54,000 cleaning offices if you just follow his simple advice gained over nearly 20 years

If you want to know how you can make money cleaning, click the link below:

Click here to find out more

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